Some Article Marketing Tips To Get You Started

If you have your leaflet distribution under control – that is you know they are going out to the right houses and in the right volume then – and only then, is the time to work on the actual design in detail. Well, of course you have to have some leaflet to be handing out first but here we can just take a very obvious basic design. What is it? How do I get it? How much is it? What are the benefits? How easy etc. These things with perhaps a nice graphic and all very clear and easy to read are a great first step. I’d never recommend starting with a fancy or complicated leaflet design as it just introduces too many variables.

Busy as you are, Internet marketing is something that you can’t ignore. There must be no excuses. Someone must be responsible for driving traffic to the website. Otherwise, you an generate leads, and you definitely can’t make any sales.

You see, when you write and submit articles, article directories allow you to promote your own websites in the author resource box. Usually, you are allowed to leave up to 2 live links in your author signature. Whenever someone reads your articles, and like what you have to say, they will click on the links and visit your website. Here is when you try to sell them your wares.

13. Book the venue, remember do not overboard with the venue, in the beginning because you do not know how many people are going to be interested in attending, it is better to start small and build up the membership of the public forum.

Start a leaflet/flyer distribution business. Why not get fit and make money at the same time, start a leaflet distribution near me service, deliver leaflets on behalf local businesses and make money in your spare/free time and at weekends.

In closing, I think that Submit Your Article is a good investment and will get you a ton of free targeted traffic. I like the fact that they do all the work for you and you can basically set it and forget it. It also comes with a full 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose. Plus you get $200 worth of free bonuses when you join. These show you how you how to build your links and write better articles as well. This is a win – win right here. If you want to check out the site or have decided you’de like to buy Submit Your Article right now click the link in my bio then click the click here link.

Given this reality, spending $599 or more is a gamble that will likely never pay off, and spending $5700 for the BookSurge Fiction Writer package makes no sense at all. Go with one of the less expensive packages and put more money into marketing to drive your sales past that 100-copy level. Either way, like any other writer not named King or Grisham or Evanovich, don’t quit your day job yet.

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