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One of the most difficult and time consuming tasks of a mobile home park manager is in the collection of rents. It has been my experience that about 50 percent of your residents will never have a problem paying on time. Then about 25 percent may be late on occasion and are also not a major problem. It is the other 25 percent that will take most of your time and efforts.

This year, our organization has been using Google Apps in our business to streamline our processes. Google Docs is a great web application to work with lots of sources to collaborate data, even of different types. Most folks where I am have a Gmail account (work at least, if not their own) and most of us already are savvy with office productive tools such as Microsoft Office, so it’s an easy transition to use Google Docs.

Inbound EDI. Here we recommend DTW or SAP Business One Data Transfer Workbench. However you do not use here CSV files (also often referred as Excel templates). Here you deploy ODBC source to MS SQL Server. From MS SQL side you should prepare views or SQL stored procedures. Again, deploy DTS package, which will first move your EDI file into SQL staging tables. Then from these tables, use View to prepare the results for Workbench. To avoid linking and configuration problems, in your SQL view – have field names to be the same as in Workbench gantt chart template template for the same object, you are intending to integrate.

The task of choosing between money and passion is a difficult one, especially for those who study many long years to get their educational degrees. These people tend to go on with their supposedly money-making careers and choose high-paying jobs rather than going for a small-packaged passionate work. The point is, these people earn money, and money alone. Not a bad thing, if your crowning aim is to get rich. But money is no man’s dream, may be a way to get their goals, but certainly not the prime goal of life.

PC repair – got a talent for computers? It is likely that there is a huge demand for this in your local area. As technology gets further and further complex so do the technical Excel Template issues that come along with it. Use your skills to help people fix their computers and get paid well for it.

Another good reason to use this app is that you won’t need to save it to your desktop or create a back-up copy just in case. There’s the Save or Save & Close button on the right side of the tool bar to do that.

The moment you start delivering product that is not what the client is expecting or paid for, then your ‘reputation’ is dented. You then need to spend time in repairing your relationship with your client. You need to leave you client with the feeling that they have to go back to you next time (and there is no other choice because of your great value). Good communication and keeping them informed of what your progress is a sure way of a ‘win / win’ outcome.

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