New Year’s Resolutions For The Performer: Part Four

Other companies can use employment advice about laying off people. They need to determine who and how many will be laid off. They also need to know the time frame on when to do this. Even though they know that their employees who are getting the ax won’t like what’s coming, it has to be done.

Pray daily. Bring your thoughts, praises, concerns, and requests to God every morning (at least). Stop trying to live life all by yourself. Talk to God and He will listen attentively and respond specifically.

As the 2008 year comes to a close, it’s easy to reflect on certain events. Many people find themselves thinking about the things they didn’t get done during the year as a new year draws close. With all of the promise that a new year brings, resolutions also come into play. You find many people vowing to do better in the coming year than they’ve done in the past. A very popular New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. You find that right after the holidays, people are feeling especially fat. The start of a happy new year 2019 is the start of new beginnings. People vow to eat better, work out more and watch their calories so that they’ll have the body they want by the summer.

Today, Christmas is once again celebrated in grand fashion. Cathedrals are filled with incense, aa the faithufl participate in all night Masses, amidst with painted icons of Saints.

Myth buster: You can NOT lose weight in target areas like your stomach or chin. Your weight will come off in the reverse order that it was put on. Nothing will offset this effect.

I think the start is to consider when am I most ‘me’. When do I feel most complete and involved in what I am doing? What takes my whole attention and does not feel like work; or at least if it feels like work it feels like fun work. I say this not only because we can suppose that what we love we will do more of and in all likelihood get better at but because sometimes it might take us a while to get to the successful place we want to be and therefore we might as well at least enjoy the journey.

Share the Gospel. It is what we are here on earth to do. Make it a priority this year to share the Good News and show your concern for the spiritual welfare of those you come in contact with.

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