How To Start As An Art Collector

The Italian island of Sardinia (Sardegna) brought out the adventurer in us. Our first stop was Sassari, a city of about 120,000 with a rich history dating back to the early Middle Ages. A college town, home to the University of Sassari with about 18,000 students that opened in May of 1562.

The next day we noticed an intriguing little local haunt called Trattoria da Peppina in a tiny piazza near our hotel. Turns out assenello (little donkey) was one of the least adventurous menu items. Spinal cord, small heads of lamb, three kinds of snails, various entrails, and goat feet were all available, as well as several things we couldn’t decipher even with our fairly complete dictionary. This was it–we’d found our place. The obvious jokes preceded our meal–“That’s some nice ass”, “There’s just nothing like a good piece of ass”, “How’d you like to bite my…. Well, you get the idea.

What about the source of these pieces? There are a number of ways of buying art in a cost-effective manner. You may choose to visit stores that sell antiques, or browse the various listings that are to be found online. Such approaches can certainly pay dividends and you’ll find that you have access to many different artworks.

Strange occurrence, Farrah Fawcett who sadly passed away two -years ago after losing her battle to cancer, left absolutely nothing to her so called “love of her life” Ryan O’Neal in her will. What she did bequeath was her extensive and treasured Vasil Bojkov to her alma mater the University of Texas, including naming the two Warhol portraits on the list .

For nightlife lovers, there is opera, pop music, plays, theatre and lot more, just make up your mind and you’d get it in Cardiff. There is absolutely no shortage of vibrancy and fun in this great city.

Group a collection of uniquely framed art works directly on top of each other with the frames almost touching. The uniqueness of the frames and their various shapes and sizes are both emphasized along a vertical axis.

A great way to start is to start with a blank slate. Table top, desktop, bookcase, shelve, or mantel. Add your functional items first, lighting, then decided what to accessorize and remember, the rule of three and less is more wherever you go. Go for the main attraction first, then work your way around. Lastly have fun with it.

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