Beginner Piano Lessons Help You Learn To Play The Piano

Here’s a little secret: Teaching piano to yourself is way more rewarding and satisfying than having somebody else teach you. If you are thinking that it is way too complicated to teach yourself piano, keep this in mind: with a little determination and motivation anything is possible! Check out my article RIGHT NOW to understand exactly what I mean.

The music store will also have piano instruction video tutorials which you can buy. You are able to play the video or digital videodisc again and again, and plan your lesson anytime you like.

The guitar is a perfect instrument to learn if you love music. Similar to other musical instruments, if you wish to learn to play the guitar, then you will also require a lot of patience, perseverance as well as a lot of practice. If you have had any previous musical experience, even if it was only a few website when you were a child, then you will generally learn to play guitar a lot sooner than other beginners.

Despite being convinced she was born late, Edmonson grew up to live her dream. Now 30-years-old, she is a modern incarnation of a classic chanteuse, a jazz vocalist who interprets songs by George Gershwin and Cole Porter, and John Lennon and Brian Wilson with equal aplomb. On her current “Way Down Low” album, she also writes her own material – lovely, romantic tunes that sound like long-lost standards from long ago: not dated, but timeless.

The really sad thing is you probably don’t even know what I am talking about. You have been ignorant to any other way of learning. You are simply teaching the same way you were taught which is why chances are you don’t actually play any piano outside of teaching it. I would be willing to bet your sheet music is getting dusty and your piano doesn’t get played much outside of your students.

I have a Getzen 900S that I have had since high school, and a blessing flugelhorn that I bought from a guy a few years after I graduated from high school. I have wanted a new horn for a long time but the money just has not been there for me to buy one, maybe someday soon.

What’s the difference? Not much. It all really depends on what you need. Piano teachers usually take students by the hand from note reading to actual performance. A piano tutor, on the other hand, usually takes on adult students and helps them with specific problems.

All I ask is that when you see a student not enjoying reading sheet music, bored with the songs you are asking them to play, maybe has bad posture, not perfect rhythm, but has the desire to play… Send them my way. Don’t ruin their chances of playing the piano by having them dread the experience. We have plenty of room for those who don’t care about your Julliard training but just want to play the piano for life learning songs they know and love. And we guarantee it.

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