7 Tips On How To Prevent Identity Theft

Every Military Family will over the years acquire mounds upon mounds of paperwork, from bank statements, credit card statements, wills, POA’s, loan documents, housing paperwork, to everything in between. One thing we learn quickly as a Military Family is it is important to keep documents organized or what our idea of organized is. Let’s face it; most of us are not as document organized as we would like to be, nor do we really need this huge mound of paperwork. But what should we keep and for how long? What is ok to toss? What papers should be kept in a safe or a safe deposit box? Which ones are ok to keep in a filing cabinet? And when on earth can we get rid of some of this crap?

This was my first really paying job and when I got my social security card replacement. We had just moved from Englewood, Tennessee to Lakeland, Florida. We lived in a trailer park on the edge of town and on one of the many lakes there. It was another great place for a fifteen-year-old, I could swim and water ski. You just had to watch out for the alligators. I meet a most interesting friend there about my age, can’t recall his name. He was a 15-year-old pilot and Ham Radio operator. He never took me up in his plane, but I sure enjoyed listening to him talking to the world on the ham radio.

Tax Statements & Documents along with supporting evidence – Keep for 7 years unless you never filed a return or filed a fraudulent return, then keep indefinitely.

Consider an insurance policy. No there is no insurance available that will replace your entire wallet social security card replacement for you but many identity theft insurance plans come pretty close. For example LifeLock’s WalletLock service will work to get all of your wallet’s contents replaced, excluding the cash and family photos of course, with little effort required on your end.

The cost of a US passport isn’t too terrible. The passport will last for ten years, so the price is reasonable. As for what that price is, it comes to ninety seven dollars total and this includes shipping. However, if you would like to have your passport rushed then expect to pay an extra sixty dollars. So that brings your grand total to one hundred fifty seven dollars.

Some credit card issuers charge $25 or more, while others don’t charge you a fee. There are literally hundreds of credit card issuers out there, so why would you want to keep a card that you have to pay the company to use? As long as your credit rating is good, you don’t have to accept a credit card that tacks on this extra fee every year.

This one is interesting: you need not provide your kid’s school with his social security number. Apparently, many schools ask for it and you DO NOT have to provide it. Wow, how easy it would be to grab hundreds of socials in one go. Can you see how many unblemished credit records you would have? Think of how many of these SSN’s can be used for work purposes.

If you answered B to any of the questions above, you have some more soul searching to do. Take your time and don’t rush into anything. You do not necessarily have to change your name the minute after you are married – you can do it later. You want to be happy with your name. It is a part of you and you want to say it with joy and not cringe when you hear someone call you. If you change your name when you don’t really want to, it will be a daily source of frustration that could lead to more problems over time.

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